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The AI Conference 2023

The AI Conference 2023



Sold-Out AI Conference to Feature Google, NVIDIA and Anthropic Researchers, Venture Capitalists, and Defense Experts

San Francisco, CA – September 21st, 2023 --

In the wake of AI's revolutionary impact on multiple sectors globally, industry pioneers and innovative startups are set to convene at the inaugural AI Conference 2023 at the William J. Rutter Center, in San Francisco on September 26th and 27th. This high-profile meeting, featuring keynotes from researchers including Peter Norvig, Director of Research at Google, and Benjamin Mann, Co-Founder of Anthropic, emphasizes deeply technical content and entrepreneurial vision in AI. The event has already sold out, reflecting its high level of industry anticipation and interest.

In a unique blend of research, entrepreneurship, and investment expertise, The AI Conference offers an unrivaled, vendor-neutral platform for learning, networking, and collaboration on AI's evolving landscape. Participants including researchers, government officials and experts from 24 countries worldwide affirm the event's international significance.

The conference also boasts a significant presence of venture capitalists and AI startups. One standout feature is the Startup Showcase, where eight early-stage companies selected from a large number of entries will present their AI innovations.

Expanding the traditional conference format, the AI Conference introduces “AI Open” a dedicated space, granting any attendee a 15-minute speaking slot, and Speaker Office-Hours, where conference speakers and attendees can engage collaboratively.

A special "fireside chat" with the Director of AI and Algorithmic Warfare from the Department of Defense highlights the conference's role as a key forum for today's AI transformation.

Shon Burton, Co-founder of The AI Conference, voiced the event's significance, “2023 marks a pivotal year for AI, shattering our perceptions and forever changing how we think, work, and create. I'm honored to explore this new era with some of the top minds in the field."

Despite tickets being completely sold out, interested parties can follow @aiconference on social media for live coverage and sign up at aiconference.com for recordings of all talks.

About The AI Conference

Designed by Co-founders Shon and Courtney Burton, along with Program Chair Ben Lorica, the event aims to bring together the top thinkers on AI. It has a global reach and a strong focus on AI impact and entrepreneurial vision.

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Founded in 2006, VentureBeat is the leading source for transformative tech news and events that provide deep context to help business leaders.

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Founded in 2006, VentureBeat is the leading source for transformative tech news and events that provide deep context to help business leaders.

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