Why The AI Conference

The AI Conference was established to embrace the potent capability of AI to revolutionize every facet of human existence, from daily living to broad societal structures.

Guided by the core tenets of transparency, diversity, and open-source promotion, we aim to provide a unique platform to exchange ideas, foster innovation, and challenge existing norms in the AI domain. Our mission is to mitigate the inherent biases often found in AI models, push for increased openness, and champion the democratic accessibility of AI technologies.

While the academic sphere continues to lead the charge in AI research, we have carved out a unique niche focusing on the application of that research. Our emphasis lies in bridging the gap between theory and practice, spotlighting the transition from cutting-edge research to actionable, real-world use cases. We see an emerging cycle where research informs or generates code, which in turn serves as the springboard for projects and startups which enable access and the democratization of AI technology.

At The AI Conference, we welcome a diverse range of participants, from open-source projects and startups to venture capitalists. We fervently believe in the power of commerce to propel the development and deployment of AI technology for the greater good. Our vendor-neutral stance doesn’t preclude us from recognizing the critical role commercialization plays in bringing life-changing innovations to the forefront. After all, transforming lives requires not just groundbreaking ideas but also the means to implement them.

Our platform brings together a vibrant mix of participants – researchers crafting code, engineers applying that code, startup founders envisioning new companies, and venture capitalists providing the necessary financial backing. By creating an ecosystem where these different entities can interact, collaborate, and innovate, we facilitate the translation of AI advancements into practical, life-enhancing solutions.

Join us as we collectively shape the future of AI Together, we’ll foster an environment that embraces inclusivity, transparency, and shared growth, ensuring the benefits of AI extend to everyone, everywhere.


Courtney Burton is a co-founder of The AI Conference. Previously, Mrs. Burton was the Founder of MLconf- The Machine Learning Conference, which was sold to ModalityIQ in 2020.

Courtney Burton


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Shon Burton is the co-founder of The AI Conference. Previously Mr. Burton was the founder and CEO of HiringSolved, a leading AI-software startup in the HR Tech industry.

Shon Burton


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Ben Lorica is the Program Chair of The AI Conference. Previously Ben was the Program Chair for the Strata Data Conference, the O’Reilly Artificial Intelligence Conference, and TensorFlow World.

Ben Lorica


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Sharon Zhou is the co-found and CEO of Lamini. Lamini is the LLM Engine for developers to rapidly and easily train custom models.

Sharon Zhou, PhD


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James Cham is an Advisor and a Partner at Bloomberg Beta.

James Cham

Partner, Bloomberg Beta

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Paige Zaremba is an Event Production and Marketing Assistant at The AI Conference. Paige is managing logistics for event sponsors and speakers, to ensure each conference is a success.

Paige Zaremba

Event Production Manager
The AI Conference

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Danny Bickson, holds a Ph.D. in distributed systems from the Hebrew University and was a research scholar at Carnegie Mellon University.

Dr. Danny Bickson

CEO, Visual Layer

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Susan has an extensive background in conference sponsorship sales in the emerging technologies space.

Susan Stewart

Sponsorship Sales

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Assaf is an investment manager at Intel Capital, focusing on AI and Data Analytics platforms and products. All of my professional career focused on AI and data analytics.

Assaf Araki

Investment Director, Intel Capital

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Sandra is a business development and sales professional whose goal is to create sponsorship packages that align to her clients’ goals.

Sandra Archuleta

Sponsorship Sales

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Josh has held many software and data engineering roles at companies including Slack, Cloudera, and Google.

Josh Wills


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Since 2022 Tal has been a Professor of AI in Radboud university and a visiting professor in the Yale school of management.

Tal Kachman, PhD

Professor of AI, Radboud University

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Attendee testimonials from previous conference events.

It's like glimpsing the future! Had the pleasure of connecting with some truly brilliant minds.

Mohamed Khalil

DevOps Engineer

I had the amazing opportunity to attend the #aiconf2023 in San Francisco! Everything about the event was innovative and exciting.

Anish Karthik

President: TAMUhack

AI & The Evolution of Programming: Insights from Peter Norvig at The #AIConference2023. The AI Conference had plenty of star power

Christopher Nolte

Founder: Kayana Virtual Assistants

I recently attended The AI Conference in San Francisco, and the experience was truly enriching.

Marcelo Farr Kerrigan

Head of Advanced Analytics | Professor

Jerry Liu Co-founder of LlamaIndex gave a great talk at the The AI Conference today on "Practical Data Considerations for building Production-Ready LLM Applications."

Luis Diaz

AI Product Manager | P&C Insurance Platforms

Day 2 of The AI Conference is on the books and the conference is a wrap for 2023! Overall this was a well run conference!

Morris Bankston

Product Management | DevOps

What an amazing few days at The AI Conference in San Francisco! As an AI enthusiast, it was incredible to hear from so many leading experts pushing the boundaries of generative AI.

Graham Herdman

Founder @ GoalGetter | AI Engineer

After an insightful couple of days at The AI Conference in San Francisco, my mind is buzzing with new ideas and inspiration!

Joanna Byerley

Research Talent Hub

An excellent start to day 1. Awesome to see so many big names in the same place.

Adam Mokan

AI Engineer @ Grain.com

What an amazing few days at the AI Conference 2023! I'm still processing all that I learned from the brilliant speakers, researchers, and fellow attendees who are pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence.

Snehal Talati

Futurist | Creator of AgileGPT

What a great experience at The AI Conference the past two days!

Naman Maheshwari

COO of Tune AI

The AI Conference is over, and what an amazing experience it was!

Asaf Azar

Product @ Fiverr Pro

Thrilled to have represented bp at The AI Conference earlier this week! It was fantastic to speak again at this prestigious event, and it was inspiring to connect with brilliant people pushing the boundaries of tech. See you next year!

Franziska Bell, PhD

SVP Digital Technology at bp

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