Sept 10th and 11th 2024

The AI Conference 2024
Shaping the future of AI

Experience an exploration of AI alongside passionate engineers, researchers, and like-minded individuals, fostering connections at the forefront of innovation.


The Three Tracks

The AI Conference 2024 convenes researchers, engineers, and business leaders in AI. Explore cutting-edge technologies, learn from industry experts, and network with peers. Focuses on technical depth, practical applications, and strategic insights.

The conference will feature three distinct tracks, designed to provide a holistic perspective of the cutting edge of AI development:

Builders Track

The AI Builders Track focuses on the practical aspects of building and deploying AI systems. This track covers the use of tools, frameworks, and systems involved in building and deploying AI solutions. Sessions will include case studies and demonstrations from experts who have successfully integrated AI into real-world applications. This track is suitable for developers, engineers, and technical managers who are actively involved in the hands-on aspects of AI projects. Attendees will gain insights into the challenges and solutions involved in building, deploying, and maintaining end-to-end AI-powered applications

  • Focus on practical aspects of building and deploying AI
  • Discover tools, frameworks, and systems for AI integration
  • Learn from case studies and demos of successful implementations
  • Understand challenges and solutions in end-to-end AI applications

Ideal for engineers, founders, and managers building with AI

Builders Track

Ideal for, engineers, founders, and managers building with AI

Technical Track

This track is focused on the underlying technology from the code and mathematics to core principles that drive current AI research and development. Presentations by researchers and engineers will delve into model development, algorithms, optimization techniques, and the technical underpinnings essential for core AI development. Ideal for attendees interested in the technical depth of artificial intelligence.

  • Explore code, math, and principles driving AI research
  • Learn about model development, algorithms, and optimization techniques
  • Discover technical underpinnings essential for core AI development
  • Gain insights into the state-of-the-art in AI research

Ideal for researchers, engineers, and practitioners seeking technical depth

Technical Track

Ideal for researchers, engineers, and practitioners seeking technical depth

Strategy Track

The AI Strategy Track examines the strategic implications and real-world impact of artificial intelligence. Sessions will cover topics such as AI adoption strategies, use cases across various industries, ethical considerations, and the societal and economic effects of AI. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of how AI is being applied in different domains, the challenges and opportunities it presents, and the strategies organizations can employ to effectively leverage AI technologies while considering their broader implications.

  • Examine strategic implications and real-world impact of AI
  • Explore AI adoption strategies and industry-specific use cases
  • Discuss ethics and socio-economic effects of AI technologies
  • Learn strategies to leverage AI while considering broader implications

      Ideal for business leaders, strategists, and decision-makers
  • Strategy Track

    Ideal for business leaders, strategists, and decision-makers


    Attendee testimonials from previous conference events.

    It's like glimpsing the future! Had the pleasure of connecting with some truly brilliant minds.

    Mohamed Khalil

    DevOps Engineer

    I had the amazing opportunity to attend the #aiconf2023 in San Francisco! Everything about the event was innovative and exciting.

    Anish Karthik

    President: TAMUhack

    AI & The Evolution of Programming: Insights from Peter Norvig at The #AIConference2023. The AI Conference had plenty of star power

    Christopher Nolte

    Founder: Kayana Virtual Assistants

    I recently attended The AI Conference in San Francisco, and the experience was truly enriching.

    Marcelo Farr Kerrigan

    Head of Advanced Analytics | Professor

    Jerry Liu Co-founder of LlamaIndex gave a great talk at the The AI Conference today on "Practical Data Considerations for building Production-Ready LLM Applications."

    Luis Diaz

    AI Product Manager | P&C Insurance Platforms

    Day 2 of The AI Conference is on the books and the conference is a wrap for 2023! Overall this was a well run conference!

    Morris Bankston

    Product Management | DevOps

    What an amazing few days at The AI Conference in San Francisco! As an AI enthusiast, it was incredible to hear from so many leading experts pushing the boundaries of generative AI.

    Graham Herdman

    Founder @ GoalGetter | AI Engineer

    After an insightful couple of days at The AI Conference in San Francisco, my mind is buzzing with new ideas and inspiration!

    Joanna Byerley

    Research Talent Hub

    An excellent start to day 1. Awesome to see so many big names in the same place.

    Adam Mokan

    AI Engineer @ Grain.com

    What an amazing few days at the AI Conference 2023! I'm still processing all that I learned from the brilliant speakers, researchers, and fellow attendees who are pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence.

    Snehal Talati

    Futurist | Creator of AgileGPT

    What a great experience at The AI Conference the past two days!

    Naman Maheshwari

    COO of Tune AI

    The AI Conference is over, and what an amazing experience it was!

    Asaf Azar

    Product @ Fiverr Pro

    Thrilled to have represented bp at The AI Conference earlier this week! It was fantastic to speak again at this prestigious event, and it was inspiring to connect with brilliant people pushing the boundaries of tech. See you next year!

    Franziska Bell, PhD

    SVP Digital Technology at bp


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    2 DAYS | 3 TRACKS | 60+ SPEAKERS


    Meet our esteemed speakers – top industry experts, researchers, and thought leaders who are actively shaping the future of artificial intelligence. Join them for captivating talks and discussions that will provide invaluable knowledge.

    New speakers announced each week!

    Jason Wei

    AI Researcher
    More Info

    Joe Spisak

    Product Director, Generative AI
    Meta logo. Meta (formerly the Facebook company) builds technologies that help people connect, find communities and grow businesses.
    More Info

    Konstantina Christakopoulou

    Senior Research Engineer
    More Info

    Rowan McAllister

    Research Scientist
    More Info

    Kanika Narang

    Research Scientist
    Meta logo. Meta (formerly the Facebook company) builds technologies that help people connect, find communities and grow businesses.
    More Info

    João (Joe) Moura

    More Info

    Mark Huang

    More Info


    LlamaIndex logo. LlamaIndex (GPT Index) is a data framework for your LLM applications.
    More Info

    Vipul Raheja

    Applied Research Scientist
    More Info

    Sudeep Das

    Head of Machine Learning
    More Info

    Alaa Youssef

    Postdoctoral Researcher
    More Info

    Etienne Dilocker

    More Info

    Merrin Kurian

    Principal Engineer and Architect
    More Info

    Hagay Lupesko

    Engineering Lead
    More Info

    Sarmad Qadri

    More Info

    Cody Coleman

    CEO & Co-founder
    More Info


    Venture Capitalist


    AMY WU



    Dr. Danny Bickson

    More Info

    Yulia Pavlova

    Head of Applied Innovation
    More Info

    Kanu Gulati

    More Info

    Andrew Berman

    Director of AI
    More Info

    Nir Shavit

    Professor of Electrical Engineering Computer Science
    More Info

    Coming Soon

    New Speakers
    announced each week


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    In 2023 The AI Conference was a LANDMARK SOLD OUT event, bringing together industry leaders and enthusiasts. Held at the prestigious William J. Rutter Center, the conference ignited groundbreaking discussions about the future of AI. Attendees forged valuable connections, learned about cutting-edge advancements, and gained practical insights that are transforming businesses across the globe.

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    2 DAYS | 3 TRACKS | 60+ SPEAKERS

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    Connect with the best minds in AI; from the founding pioneers of the field to new technical luminaries, insightful investors, founders, and leaders in what is now the fastest growing, most promising fundamental area of technology.


    The AI CONFERENCE 2024: Join The AI Community

    September 10th and 11th 2024 in San Francisco

    The AI Conference is a groundbreaking vendor-neutral event brought to you by the creators of MLconf and Ben Lorica, former Program Chair of The O’Reilly Artificial Intelligence Conference.

    Whether you’re a researcher, engineer or entrepreneur, you’ll find opportunities to learn, collaborate, and network with some of the brightest minds in AI. Topics will span a wide range of AI fields, including AGI, Foundation Models and Large Language Models, Generative AI, Neural  Architectures, AI Infrastructure, AI Use Cases, Ethics and Alignment, Data Management tools for AI, AI Startups and Investment and much more.

    Get Insight & Inspiration

    Immerse yourself in thought-provoking sessions led by world-renowned AI specialists. Draw inspiration from revolutionary ideas, transformative use cases, and groundbreaking research showcased throughout the conference. Whether you're seeking to spark creativity for your next project or to gain a deeper understanding of AI's transformative power, The AI Conference is the springboard for your next leap in innovation.



    Investigating AI systems with human-like cognitive abilities, including reasoning, problem-solving, and learning.

    See more info about the TRACKS.

    Examining advancements, challenges, and applications, including model efficiency and responsible deployment.

    See more info about the TRACKS.

    Diving into the development and application of AI systems such as transformers and other neural architectures, GPT4-class LLMs, and diffusion models, across various domains like image synthesis, music composition, and text generation as well as new use-cases and modalities just being discovered.

    See more info about the TRACKS.

    Exploring tools, frameworks, and platforms for AI development, deployment, and management, including model versioning, data management, scalability, and more.

    See more info about the TRACKS.

    Alignment and Responsible AI; Privacy, Security, and Governance; AI Regulations; Data-centric AI;  Synthetic Data; Vector Databases; AI Metadata.

    See more info about the TRACKS.

    Analyzing strategies to design AI systems aligned with human values and goals, minimizing unintended consequences and risks. Discussing responsible AI development, fairness, accountability, transparency, and privacy.

    See more info about the TRACKS.

    Insights into building, funding, and scaling AI-driven businesses, plus a startup showcase and panel discussions with investors and entrepreneurs.

    See more info about the TRACKS.

    Including  transformer-based models, self-attention mechanisms, model compression and distillation, and more.

    See more info about the TRACKS.


    The AI Conference 2024
    San Francisco

    September 10th and 11th, 2024

    Pier 27
    The Embarcadero
    San Francisco, CA 94111

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