Thank you to everyone who applied! We will respond to all entries by 5/1/24.

The Ai Conference 2024 is now closed

Thank you to everyone who applied! We will respond to all entries by 5/1/24.

Contact us at content@aiconference.com with any questions.

Join The AI Conference 2024, a two-day event for professionals eager to explore the latest in AI applications, Research, Engineering, Tools, Platforms, and Infrastructure. We seek speakers with expertise in:

  • Real-world AI use cases across industries such as healthcare, finance, manufacturing, retail, media, and ecommerce, and more
  • AI research, development, and deployment
  • Cutting-edge developer tools and platforms for AI solutions
  • Alignment, security, ethics, public policy, technological impact, strategy

Key Topics we plan to showcase at the conference include (this is not an exhaustive list):

  • Large Language Models and other Foundation Models
  • Large-scale AI applications: recommenders, forecasting tools, computer vision, NLP, speech applications, etc.
  • Developer tools and platforms: we are particularly keen on open source (or open core) solutions.
  • Emerging Topics:  Robotics and Physical World AI, Agents, Frontier Models, Alignment and Responsible AI; Privacy, Security, and Governance; AI Regulations; Data-centric AI;  Synthetic Data; Vector Databases; AI Metadata, etc

**The industry is changing fast. Apply now and if accepted as a presenter, you can revise your topic through August 5th.

We are looking for speakers who can share their real-world experiences with AI, including the challenges and successes they have encountered. We are not interested in vendor pitches or product promotions.

**We know everything is moving fast! Don’t worry, If accepted as a presenter, you can revise your topic within 45 days of the event!

Submit your proposal by  03/01/2024 with the following details:

  • Talk title
  • Short Summary and Description: focus on what your talk will cover.
  • Speaker Bio, Link to Profile Picture
  • Video from a previous talk (URL), or a short sample video of you making a presentation.
  • Contact information

We’ll review all submissions and notify you of our decision by 5/01/24.

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