Kanu Gulati

Kanu Gulati Partner Presentation Title: TBA Presentation Summary: TBA   Register Now for 2024

Andrew Berman

Andrew Berman Director of AI at Zapier Presentation Title: TBA Presentation Summary: TBA   Register Now for 2024

João (Joe) Moura

João (Joe) Moura FounderCrewAI Presentation Title: Using agents to build an agent company Presentation Summary: TBA   Register Now for 2024

Yulia Pavlova

Yulia Pavlova Head of Applied InnovationThomson Reuters Presentation Title: Ensuring Fair Play: Advancing Non-Bias and Explainability in AI News Platforms Presentation Summary: In the ever-evolving landscape of modern media, news agencies worldwide are spearheading the drive for unbiased and expansive multimedia news coverage across various languages. Emphasizing a commitment to both innovation and precision, the […]

Danny Bickson

Danny Bickson CEOVisual Layer Presentation Title: Charting the uncharted: user videos in social networks. Presentation Summary: Everyday, billions of users in social networks upload daily videos of their day to day activities. From their latest breakfast to dangerous driving, everything imaginable is recorded and shared.  In this study we dive into this uncharted world of […]

Cody Coleman

Cody Coleman CEO & co-founderCoactive AI Presentation Title: Tackling Socioeconomic Bias in Machine Learning Presentation Summary: Despite the meteoric rise of ML, most commercially available datasets only represent a small fraction of humanity, with a skew towards high-income populations. To combat algorithmic bias, businesses need to train their ML algorithms on datasets that are representative […]

Sarmad Qadri

Sarmad Qadri CEOLastMile AI Presentation Title: Generative AI Development for Software Engineers Presentation Summary: For AI to be truly democratized, software engineers will have to be at the forefront of AI application development. What does the software development workflow look like for generative AI apps?  This talk will show how things like version control, evaluation […]

Hagay Lupesko

Hagay Lupesko Engineering LeadDatabricks Presentation Title: Scaling to the Future: Training 100B+ Parameter Models on Trillions of Tokens Presentation Summary: In this talk we’ll embark on a journey into the realm of large language models (LLMs), as we unravel the complexities of training 100-billion-plus parameter models on an unprecedented scale. We’ll delve into the intricacies […]

Merrin Kurian

Merrin Kurian Principal Engineer and ArchitectAI PlatformIntuit Presentation Title: Intuit GenOS: Accelerating GenAI powered experiences at Scale Presentation Summary: Intuit is building GenAI powered experiences across its entire product portfolio of TurboTax, QuickBooks, Mailchimp and CreditKarma. To achieve this goal, we built GenOS: it provides out of the guardrails for Responsible AI development, enables Rapid […]

Etienne Dilocker

Etienne Dilocker CTOWeaviate Presentation Title: Beyond the Basics: Advanced Vector Search Techniques in Large-Scale E-Commerce Presentation Summary: Let me take you onto an in-depth journey of the challenges and unique solutions it took to deliver web-scale vector search in the e-commerce domain. Large-scale shopping platforms come with specific challenges that have traditionally been an issue […]