Jeff Boudier

Hugging Face will be at the AI Conference 2023 1
Product Director
Hugging Face

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Building LLM and Generative AI applications with open source and Hugging Face

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Atom icon for The AI Conference 2023, a groundbreaking two-day event on AGI, LLMs, Infrastructure, Alignment, AI Startups, and Neural Architectures.In this presentation, Jeff Boudier will walk you through the latest open source models and libraries you can use to build LLM and Generative AI applications using your own tools and environment. Take control of your AI journey!

About | Jeff Boudier

Jeff Boudier builds products at Hugging Face, the #1 open platform for AI builders.

Previously Jeff was a co-founder of Stupeflix, acquired by GoPro, where he served as director of Product Management, Product Marketing, Business Development and Corporate Development.