Assaf Araki

Investment Director
Intel Capital

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Venture Capital Panel:
Tired, Wired, Hired — VCs on AI

Atom icon for The AI Conference 2023, a groundbreaking two-day event on AGI, LLMs, Infrastructure, Alignment, AI Startups, and Neural Architectures.

With all the attention and funding that AI startups have received recently, is anything starting to feel overplayed? What aren’t we talking enough about instead? And what job opportunities will grow in the coming years? Leading VCs Amy Wu, Jake Saper, and Assaf Araki will share their contrarian and forward-looking views on how AI will reshape industry, from consumer markets to enterprise and infrastructure applications.

About | Assaf Araki

Assaf Araki is an Investment Director at Intel Capital. In his role, Assaf is focused on investing in data, analytics, and machine learning platforms and applications worldwide. He has been involved in several investments including Anyscale, Opaque, OtterTune, Ponder, and Verta. Before Intel Capital, Assaf was an engineering lead on the Intel AI team leading multiple machine learning projects to reduce cost, increase revenue, accelerate the process, and improve products.